Video Editing and Film Making

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Welcome to Video Editors Biz

Video Editors Biz - Forum and Information about Video Editing and Creation is the place to find information about video editors and video editing equipment and learn more about making videos for professional and home enthusiasts.

Those of you who love to make home videos will find information on home video making and editing and reviews of home video editing software.

If you are looking for some straight to the point video editing information without the technical jargon and terminology overload then video editors biz is for you. We will explain and define terminology as we go to keep it simple for you. If you are starting your own video editing or slide show creation business we will provide advice on building your software library, acquiring the right software for the job and more.

The video editors biz forum is a great place to communicate with other video editing enthusiasts. Members include professional video editors and people who love to create videos at the home. Feel free to use the forums to post any of your video editing related questions.

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